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Building Global Capacity in Digital Information Resources: Creation, Sharing, and Use

Kimberly Parker, Mary Ochs, Robert Cronin
Moderator: Martha Brogran
April 11, 2014

Panel Session: Blended Learning and Innovative Instruction

Jennifer DeBoer, Leda Munoz, Deirdre Woods, Chrystina Russell
Moderator: Bobbi Kurshan
April 11, 2014

Panel Session: Global Health

Rebecca Stoeckle, Ryan Litman-Quinn, Karen Charron
Moderator: Carrie Kovarik
April 11, 2014

Panel Session: MOOCs and Higher Education Institutions

Libing Wang, Gayle Christensen, Abdellatif Miraoui
Moderator: Laura Perna
April 11, 2014

Panel Session: Expanding Inclusion

Masennya Dikotla, Minghua Li, Barbara Moser-Mercer, Driss Ouaouicha
Moderator: Rebecca Clothey
April 11, 2014.

Panel Session: K-12 Teacher Professional Development

John MacBeath, Gard Titlestad, Freda Wolfenden
Moderator: Michelle Neuman
April 11, 2014

Panel Session: Authorship and Ownership

Edward Rock, Candice Reimers, Maureen McClure
Moderator: Robert Gregoire
April 11, 2014

Overcoming Digital Infrastructural Constraints

Mamadou Adj, Jamie Alexandre, Mpine Makoe
Moderator: Michael Best
April 11, 2014.

Plenary Session I: The Advent of MOOCS

Abdul Waheed Khan, Bakary Diallo, Michelle Petochi
Moderator: Joseph Sun
April 11, 2014

Plenary Session II: Papa Youga Dieng, Sandra Klopper, Steven Duggan

Moderator: Mohammed Maamouri
April 11, 2014

Plenary Session III: The MOOCS Challenge

Stephen Downes, N.V. Varghese, Russel Beale
Moderator: Dan Wagner
April 11, 2014

Conference Presentation Slides (PDFs)

"MOOCs for Development Vietnam The Role of Vietnam National University" 
by Nguyen Hoi Nghia

"MOOCs and International Development OIF's Perspective"
by Papa Youga Dieng

"Information, Communication, & Knowledge Management: Review of Progress"
by Nodumo Dhlamini

"Pragmatism Before Popularity: AVU's Approach to MOOCs"
by Bakary Diallo 

Learning Center Based Community College Networks with MOOCs for the Migrant Worker in Manufacturing Areas in China"
by Minghua Li

"Expanding Inclusion"
by Masennya Dikotla 

"Anytime, Anywhere Learning for All: Technology Education and Equality of Access"
by Steven Duggan 

"Understanding Early MOOC Adoption: Empirical Findings from the University of Pennsylvania"
by Gayle Christensen 

"The Advent of the MOOCs"
by Michele Petochi 

"Kepler Kigali"
by Chrystina Russell 

"Value creation and the economics of MOOCs"
by Clara Ng 

"MOOCs and its Linkage with UNESCO Higher Education Programmes in Asia and the Pacific"
by Libing Wang 

"MOOCs for Development- Reflections on Business Models"
by Michele Rimini 

"You Say you Want a Revolution"
by Jamie Alexandre 

"Medical Education, mLearning, and the Potential for MOOCs in Low and Middle Income Countries Examples and Trends Using Botswana as a Reference Point"
by Ryan Littman-Quinn 

"Quality online education:Bringing Educational Resources For Teachers in Africa - BERTA"
by Gard Titlestad 

"MOOCs, Library Resources, and Students in the Developing World"
by Kimberly Parker 

"Using Mobile Phones to Overcome Infrastructural Constraints"
by Mpine Makoe

"MOOCs 4 Development"
by Stephen Downes

"MOOCs and Development: Perspectives from Higher Education in Africa"
by Sandra Klopper

"The Current Development of IT in MUST"
by Turbat Renchin

"Improving classroom practice at scale: Teacher’s Professional Development"
by Freda Wolfenden